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IN INDIA,there are many type of soil and climatic conditions,so jamidara seeds corporation's providing the suitable seeds for these diffrences of soil and climate. jamidara seeds corporation launched its R&D activities in 2004 with a view to providing innovative,exotic and planting material to the farmers.

Jamidara seeds corporation commenced its research activities mainly in field crops, vegetable crops and also hybrid seeds. the companies remarkable research achievement were recognized by the karnataka seeds certification agency in banglore and also in rajasthan by the rajasthan seeds certification agency jaipur. by the effort of our research,results speak for themselves and have led to many break throughs in disease, yield, adaptability, shelf life and excellent quality.

To increase our activities, plant of the seeds production are under processing in Rajasthan and Maharastra and karnataka states.

The company has the well developed infrastructure such as farms, office building, polyhouses, facilities for virus screening, electrophoresis and ELISA laboratory etc. We have research centres backed up by manpower and modernised facilities in all important agro climatic zones throughout the country for breeding and testing purposes.

We have 24 qualified experienced personnel in R&D. Our R&D staffs have excellent exposure to modern day research and has undergone various training programmes and participated in various International and National Symposia/Meetings/Conferences in India.

Research mandate includes development of new hybrids with a focus on value added characteristics like insect resistance, multiple disease resistance, heat/cold, drought resistance, better self life / transportability & nutritional value etc. in the crops like cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, tomato, eggplant, radish and all cucurbits. There is also a niche in our breeding programme for export purpose.