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Over the past 10 years,Jamidara SEEDS corporation has developed an impressive range of seeds.this corporation mainstay of a successful crop being in the quality of seeds down. seeds varieties particularly adapted to the agro-climatic condition. jamidara seeds corporation is providing high quality seeds to the farmers at reasonable price so corporation has earned the trust of the bussiness partners and farmers also. we are providing many varieties of field crops,vegetable crops and also hybrid seeds. field crops like onion(N53,A.F.D.R, Selection Super, Phulle Samarth, Varuna),musterd, wheat,jowar, vegetable crops like tomato,

In the changing scenario of world agriculture, development of newer varieties of seeds the prime ingredient for high crop production is in constant demand. Therefore, introducing seeds that both produces higher yield and also has additional values has been the target of people involved in seed research. Sungro Seeds Ltd. has continuously preached and practiced introduction of newer technologies and thus improved varieties and newer hybrids, which in time has became the frontrunners in their respective category.

in order to maintain the standard,we have assured seeds quality by focusing these things:-

1-all seeds are tested for purity and germination upon bill reciept.
2-seeds meeting the most high standards in terms of genetic purity,germination,
   coductivity disease etc. are accepted for processing.

Quality Policy....

(QUALITY POLICY-QUALITY of all seeds is ensured both at genetic and physical level under Q.C. department 'karnataka seeds certification agency banglore, Rajasthan seed and organic production certificate agency jaipur and seeds health are ensured before each lot packed).